Allstate Online Bill Pay

For many people, insurance can be a bit confusing, but with answers to some of your
most common questions, it can be much simpler:

Questions about paying your bill online

Can I pay my bill online through my bank or service provider?
Yes. Please make sure to provide your bank and/or online service provider your 13-digit account number (9-digit policy number and 4-digit effective date, without slashes, dashes or spaces).
Can I pay my bill with an online check?
For most insurance policy types, you can pay with an online check by providing your bank account number and routing number through My Account. Your payment will be noted in your bank account statement as a one-time electronic withdrawal.
Will I receive an online payment receipt?
Yes. After making a payment request online, you will see a confirmation screen and receive an email confirmation of your payment.
Can I make one payment for multiple policies?
Yes, you can make a single payment online for multiple policies. However, it will appear as separate charges/withdrawals for each of your policies based on the payment method you use.
Can I make multiple online payments for one insurance policy during a single billing period?
Yes. To avoid late payments or lapses in coverage, just make sure that the “Minimum Amount Due” has been paid by the Due Date on your bill.
What should I do if I’m having trouble paying online and payment is due?
We’re sorry you’re having difficulties paying your bill. Please contact your Allstate agent or call 800.255.7828 to make a payment. Please note that at this time, you cannot pay your life insurance premium online.
If I pay online, will my bill still be sent in the mail?
Yes. As long as your policy has not been paid in full, and you are not enrolled in Allstate® eBill or MyCheckFree (SM), you will continue to be sent a paper statement in the mail.
What about security while I am online within the My Account?
We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, a secure server and security protocol, to safeguard the information you submit such as an online payment.

If you forget to exit the site, you’re automatically logged off after 30 minutes of inactivity. Help us protect your information by keeping your User ID and Password confidential, using a unique password and changing it often. You should avoid leaving your computer unattended while logged onto My Account. After you’ve finished any of your updates or payments, simply exit out of My Account. Should you need to conduct more updates or make payments, you can log back on – knowing that you’ve helped minimize the potential for security risks.